How I approach Game Development?

Feb 13, 2019 12:23· 292 words · 1 minutes read

A warm salute to everybody, in this post I will be talking about my approach in game development.


In the end it all comes down to the IDEA, the idea you get needs to be so great that it motivates you to put down your greasy controllers and start using your not so greasy keyboard and start writing code.

Oh and just a tip, when I get an idea for and already start coding, I begin with the combat or whatever the player will interact with the most.

For example the game I am currently making was the first project I started in Game Maker. I made the basic combat system you can see in the first post and noticed that it was fun and I started building the game around that.


Well after the idea you need to decide in what you want to make the engine.

My basic thought process is usually like this:

Will the game be 3D?

Yes -> Unity(cartoony/simple) or Unreal (complex)

No -> Game Maker Studio

Obviously if the game is complicated with multiplayer/online options you need to study all the engines and decide which one would be right for you.


If you are not a talented artist or programming outsourcing is always and option if you want your game to have an artstyle which you are not capable of making.

Same goes for you artists out there, if you are making a game that’s centralized around a special combat system or crafting system sometimes it’s better to pay someone else to make it for you because if that fails, the game fails.

Well that’s it for today and I’ll be sharing more about my game in future posts!