What is it all about?

Feb 12, 2019 4:18· 300 words · 1 minutes read


Hi there Reader and welcome to my Blog, where I will be posting my progress in the art of Video Game Making.

The game I am currently working on is a bloody, simple, top down rogue-like action packed game. It includes various different enemies and bosses which come at the player in waves constatantly challenging the Player . For each wave cleared the Player gets a sort of currency presented in Souls which can be used on his stats/equipment before beginning his standoff against another hoard of enemies.

Enemies will adapt to the playstyle of the Player.
For example, when the Player decides to be extremely offensive, the enemies will start accumulating defensive stat points, forcing the Player to change his strategy.


This game contains the most simplistic form of pixel art with few colors being used.

I mean, really our main character Bob is basically a small collection of pixels!
(His name may or may not be BOB)


Bob’s favorite monsters are the Quadrini, they are evil little bastards that want to rob Bob of his Golden Banana.

All the monsters are led by the evilest being known to Bob, his neighbor Dimitri.


An example of the fast paced combat can be seen in the video below:

In the future I plan on adding diverse elements (ex. Fire that burns, Lightning that bounces from monster to monster, Ice that freezes the floor and slows down enemies.)

I will add a Base of operations where the player will be able to upgrade his character.
The monsters will prioritize attacking the player over the Base if he is close to it, but if the Player moves too far away the monsters will start prioritizing the Base.

Destruction of the base of operations results as a defeat for the player.